Coolit Applications Gallery

The Coolit family thermal management software is trusted by industry leaders worldwide. On this page we showcase a small sampling of the real-world applications, benchmarks, and results obtained by Coolit and CoolitPCB customers.

Sandisk verifies SSD design
Courtesy of Sandisk Corp.

Intel pinpoints optimum RAID cooling
Courtesy of Intel Corp.

Abbott Labs safeguard server performance
Courtesy of Byrd Technology Group, LLC and Abbott Laboratories

TEC tames heat in Microsoft's Kinect
Courtesy of CAS Ltd

Army helicopter avionics keeps cool in harsh environment
Courtesy of VT Miltope, Inc.

Thermoelectrics deliver hot or cold drinks for Audi drivers
Courtesy of AMS Technologies, AG

Thermoelectric cooling of high power laser diodes
Courtesy of AMS Technologies, AG

Optimizing a microgroove heat sink
Courtesy of ATEC, Inc.

Reducing design risk for networking equipment
Courtesy of QLogic, Inc.

Heat pipe saves telecom design
Courtesy of ECI Telecom Ltd.

Lighting with LEDs
Courtesy of AMS Technologies, AG

Wireless nMAP for commercial jets
Courtesy of VT Miltope, Inc.

Optimizing heatsinks for weight and size
Courtesy of MCL Inc.

Pre-prototype modeling within 3C
Courtesy of VT Miltope, Inc.

Meeting military requirements for a Tablet PC
Courtesy of Waveaxis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

A heat pipe solution for LCD and Plasma TVs
Courtesy of CET Ltd.

IBM accelerates blade server design
Courtesy of IBM

Cooling airborne electronics
Courtesy of EMS Technologies, Inc.

HVAC for a national treasure
Courtesy of St. Petersburg Polytechnic and NTS

Cooling patients quietly with TECs
Courtesy of CET, Ltd

Designing avionics mass storage without prototypes
Courtesy of VT Miltope, Inc.

Accelerating mission-critical delivery
Courtesy of Byrd Technology Group, LLC

Designing the Airbus a/c power supply
Courtesy of AMS Technologies, AG

Finding the optimum DVR design
Courtesy of Seagate Technology, Inc.

Slanted modules key to cool cabinets
Courtesy of Honeywell International Inc.

Designing military power supplies with CoolitPCB
Courtesy of Filtran Ltd.

Calgreg builds customer loyalty
Courtesy of Calgreg Electronics, Inc.

Optimizing TEC cooling for medical lasers
Courtesy of AMS Technologies AG

Seagate builds reliability with Coolit
Courtesy of Seagate Technology Inc.

Coolit eliminates costly redesigns
Courtesy of ADVA AG Optical Networking

OptimizeIt ensures optimum thermal design
Courtesy of CAS Ltd.

Coolit saves time, resolves EMI/thermal conflict.
Courtesy of Honeywell International, Inc.

Daat consulting reduces time to market.
Courtesy of Applied Signal Technology Inc.

Coolit helps design better CT-scan systems.
Courtesy of Analogic Corp.

Powerware and Coolit shrink rectifier 60%.
Courtesy of Powerware Ltd.

SLAC picks Daat for satellite thermal consulting.
Courtesy of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.

Coolit helps launch a new UPS in record time.
Courtesy of American Power Conversion, Corp.

Lucent saves time and money with Coolit designs.
Courtesy of Lucent Technologies, Inc.

Embedded mesh shrinks thermal models and eliminates approximations.
Courtesy of Avaya Communications and CAS Ltd.

Coolit optimizes thermal design for optical networks.
Courtesy of CAS Ltd.

Miltope beats schedule crunch using CFD prototyping.
Courtesy of Miltope Corp.

ITT Gilfillan minimizes prototyping with Coolit.
Courtesy of ITT Gilfillan

Coolit delivers 'Early Warning' for military power supplies.
Courtesy of Varo LLC

Coolit cuts time-to-market for Hyperchip's petabit router.
Courtesy of Hyperchip, Inc.

Cadence saves a telecom design with Coolit.
Courtesy of Tality Corp.

General Bandwidth taps Coolit for rapid virtual prototyping.
Courtesy of General Bandwidth Inc.

Miteq hits within 5% with Coolit modeling for the latest SSPA.
Courtesy of Miteq Inc.

Honeywell shrinks development cycle with Coolit
Courtesy of Honeywell Inc.

Seagate develops new applications for hard drives with the aid of Coolit.
Courtesy of Seagate Technology Corp.

Coolit assists Design Edge in creating a PC design for the new millenium
Courtesy of Design Edge

Coolit helps NEC design innovative heat sink in record time
Courtesy of NEC Corporation.

Coolit improves design and reduces time-to-market
Courtesy of Analogic Corporation.

Coolit helps Charlotte's Web to design a very high heat dissipation cabinet.
Courtesy of CAS Ltd. and Charlotte's Web

Thermal management of rack-mounted communications packages.
Courtesy of Raytheon.

Designing electronic enclosures for harsh environments: the ATR file server for aircraft.
Courtesy of Miltope.

Developing new generation, high-performance automatic memory tester.
Courtesy of Teradyne.

Coolit's superior ease-of-use, speed, reliability, affordability and excellent technical support have proved an irresistible combination both for newcomers to CFD, as well as long time users of competing CFD products who switched to Coolit, after performing detailed and thorough evaluations to verify Coolit's performance and accuracy.

Join the growing ranks of electronics designers who rely on Coolit products to solve their thermal management problems, including Cisco, Honeywell, Boeing, Raytheon, Seagate Technology, Toyota, and many, many others.

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