Coolit is FAST
Coolit is SMART
Coolit is ACCURATE
Coolit is ACCURATE, using state-of-the-art physical and numerical models.

Independent blind tests and customer benchmarks consistently show Coolit to be the most accurate CFD program for electronics cooling with predictions to within a few percent of the actual. Results like these obsolete the need to build prototypes! Coolit provides fully coupled and non-linear modeling of convection, conduction, and radiation in electronic systems. In real life, flow is mixed, with co-existing regions of laminar, turbulent and transitional flow. Coolit’s models have been experimentally proven to handle these realistic conditions very well.

Accuracy of results also depends on the accuracy of input models. That’s why Coolit facilitates your model setup with advanced features like the hierarchical Objects Manager, interactive 3D graphics, solid modeling, object coloring, arbitrary units, and undo. CAD interfaces support import from popular CAD applications.


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