Coolit is FAST
Coolit is SMART
Coolit is ACCURATE
Coolit is SMART, so you can work smarter.

CFD, once the domain of PhDs and their high-power computers, is now, thanks to Coolit, the tool of engineers with a Pentium class PC and an undergraduate-level knowledge of fluid mechanics and thermal analysis. Coolit’s intelligence makes it easy-to use and eliminates many error prone steps required by other CFD products. Coolit’s fully automatic grid generation and solver setup, smart material libraries, and user-definable mix-and-match units let you concentrate on your problem’s solution, not numerics. Yet, at all times, you are in control, with the ability to override any automatic setting.

The integrated CoolPlot visualization tool provides powerful 3D visualization and multiple arbitrary 2D cross sections of your results, all fully interactive, showing temperature, pressure and other variables at every location. You can even create flow animations, injecting particles in the flow stream and watching them circulate through the system.


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